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Symptoms of NAS may vary depending on the type of substance used, the last time it was used, and whether the baby is full-term or premature

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I let 1 pan with 2 loaves rise for about 1 1/2 hours and the other for closer to 2 hours

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[Ms A] was in her first pregnancy and was under the care of anindependent midwife, [Ms B]

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The ruins at Palmyra are shown here in 2009.

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No hay efectos secundarios perjudiciales por el uso del lubricante KY Jelly, aunque al contener Glicerina, puede agravar infecciones vaginales en mujeres susceptibles

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All these routines, along with a daily consumption of Venapro will ensure that the hemroids are cared

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Antonio Cromartie famously called Tom Brady an ass---- a few years ago

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I was injured while on active duty in the military

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For the next two Lucas just fell in some CGI bushes in a drunken stupor