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of endoscopy centers not stocking succinylcholine because they don't want the large expense and hassle

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I couldn't explain it, so I kept these symptons to myself

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Any institution with a vested commercial interest in the outcome of an issue has a natural credibility barrier to overcome with the public, and often, with the media

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If there’s enough fluid in his lungs to make him cough, he’s not comfortable, and would benefit at least from a trial of a diuretic

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Marijuana may increase the risk of bleeding when taken with drugs that increase the risk of bleeding

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My most erratic, catastrophic [for lack of a more accurate word to describe them] thoughts are typically in the morning

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For drivers with visual acuity without correction of the better eye of 20/40 or better, a license will be issued with no restrictions

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Do not get a pet unless you are stable and have some experience in Korea

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British drugmaker Reckitt Benckiser Group in a similar case in Pennsylvania brought by drug wholesalers

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