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A reported 38% live outside the usual social service network and rely on subsistence farming, hunting, and fishing
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But what's beyond the horizon? Have a guess...Yes that's right...even more cars All brand new but with no homes to go to
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However recently, there has been concern that the use of Dilantin can result in Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) and the more severe version of it, Toxic Epidermal Necrosis Syndrome (TENS)
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Two other misdiagnoses were entertained; one by the family, nicotine poisoning, and one by the examining physician, botulism
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I finally just accepted that I was going to feel horrible whatever I did, which was sort of relaxing and I went a day or 2 ahead of time so that I wouldn't crash too badly
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The Legislature approved creation of the database — formally called the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, or PDMP — in 2009 but never provided it any money
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